I stumbled across the Integrative Coaching website while searching for ways to "fix" my husband and my marriage. I blamed my husband for everything wrong in our lives. I was miserable and I knew that if I could just fix him, it would save our marriage.
The only person that you can control is yourself. Through Spiritual Divorce Coaching Training, I realized that I co-created what was going on around me in my marriage and my reality shifted. I had the choice of being happy or being miserable.

My favorite Spiritual Divorce Law is the Law of Choice. It states, "Having taken responsibility, we can choose new interpretations that empower us..."
I could choose a Negative Interpretation of my marriage: My husband is only here on this earth to make me miserable. He gets a kick out of ruining my life! He is a horrible husband!

Or I could choose a Positive Interpretation of my marriage: Thanks to my husband, I found the Ford Institute for Integrative Coaching and now I'm an incredible coach! Because of the turmoil in my life, I am now in a position to support others going through similar pain. Thanks to my husband, I can now stand on my own.

I chose to see my husband differently. If all I saw was horrible, how could anything else show up? Once I saw the positives in our relationship and accepted my husband unconditionally, it made an extraordinary change in our relationship. I know this work saved our marriage.
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